Types of addiction

Addicted – Types of Addictions

Is everyone addicted to something? What types of addictions are there? Many individuals aren’t even aware that they have become an addict. Some individuals, who are in desperate need of help, don’t have any idea how to reach out and get the treatment they so desperately need. Then there are those people who are stuck in denial; lacking the strength and knowledge to face the truth.

What Does it Mean to Be an Addict?

An addict is someone with compulsive physiological behavior. This compulsive behavior consists of forming a habit in which a person feels physiologically dependent on. There are many types of addictions and some are more harmful than others, but they all have compulsive tendencies.

What Are the Most Common Addictions?

There are many various addiction types and not all of them have the same affects. However; they can all cause individuals to become physically and emotionally dependent on the habit or substance. Below is a list of the most common things people become dependent on.

Addiction to Prescription Pain Killers – Opioid pills are prescription drugs used to block specific receptors in the nervous system, helping individuals with the ability to tolerate certain pain levels. When these types of drugs are used continuously, a physical dependency will definitely begin to develop. This can lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop the medications. It can also cause individuals to gain a high tolerance for the medication, in which individuals often feel the need to increase the dosage and abuse the medicine, taking more than the amount prescribed. Many common side effects of being addicted to pain killers include constipation, respiratory depression and sedation.

Alcoholism – Alcohol abuse can be very dangerous. For those who don’t drink the substance daily, withdrawal symptoms are less likely to happen. However, this doesn’t take away the dangers of developing a tolerance, running into legal problems and much more. The side effects of being addicted to alcohol include developing a mental health disorder, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver and much more.

Addicted to Sex – There are many types of sex addictions; the most common being a masturbating addict. Many people use intercourse or masturbation as a stress reliever and this can lead to it becoming a major coping mechanism. There are programs that help sex addicts, however; it can be a very embarrassing dependency to get treatment for. Many people who have this type of compulsive behavior are often stuck in denial. Without help, the effects of being a sex addict can lead to a down spiral in relationships and risky behavior.

Being Addicted to Strange Things

There are many uncommon compulsive behaviors and weird addictions, in which many people could never imagine. A show called “My Strange Addiction” that plays on TLC, tells the true stories of secret addicts with the most bazaar habits. Some of these people are addicted to eating toilet paper, chalk and comet (cleaners). Some individuals have a strange habit of sucking their thumb as an adult, running or tanning. The strangest dependencies are as weird as people could possibly imagine and many people keep it a secret for years.

Facing Reality

The first step to getting help is facing the truth head on and stepping out of denial. So many addicts are stuck in denial, refusing to see the truth. There are so many types of addictions; but the good news is that there are plenty of treatment centers and therapists who can help people find ways to receive the help that they need. Life is short and everyone deserves the chance to be set free of compulsive behaviors and dangerous dependencies. It’s never easy, but with a little dedication, the possibilities are endless.

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